Response from Terina Allen, CEO, ARVis Institute.

Because I have the confidence to affect change and to actually make decisions and the emotional intelligence to make sure to keep it about them.  Leadership is not about titles.  It is not about seniority.  It is not about status, and it is not about management.  Leadership is about power  and the ability to know when and how to use it to influence the people around you to do and become more.

People who own their power have the freedom, the independence, and the authority to make things happen.  These people are able to affect change.  These people are leaders.  I am a leader.  If the people “following” me are not better off as a result of our relationship, I have failed.  I make it my business to care about theirs and to remove obstacles and provide resources for them to succeed.

I own my power to elevate others.  What about you?