Strategic Leadership extends beyond the role of leaders having and communicating a vision to fully understanding, thinking about, planning, and executing the necessary strategy to realize that vision.

We define strategic leadership as exploring, deciphering, and interpreting the best leadership concepts for achieving organizational excellence, cultivating the organizational culture, anticipating and responding to change, and aligning organizational systems, processes, and people with enhanced services and increased profits.

When one is being “strategic” about it, he is focused on and considers the hard and soft side of the system and weighs the implications and consequences of all decisions and whether or not they impact and affect the ability to accomplish strategic outcomes.  If you are doing this, connecting the dots and taking into account the entire system, you are demonstrating strategic leadership.

Now You Tell Us…

Are you a strategic leader?  If so, share why you describe yourself that way.  If not and you want to become one, share what you plan to do to make it happen.