Succession Planning & Talent Development

There is a business case for strategically developing talent and planning for succession.  We help you understand and make that case and give you the tools and knowledge to strengthen organizational capacity and develop talent to close competency gaps.

Our succession planning and talent development solutions serve to fortify human capital management initiatives and ensure achievement of organizational goals for public and private sector organizations.  Embarking on this initiative demonstrates an organization’s long-term commitment to its people, its services, and its finances, and it shows a determination to maintain institutional continuity.

An interruption in the leadership pipeline is a luxury organizations cannot afford.  Succession planning is what you do when you understand that a major loss of leadership and institutional knowledge can undermine organizational credibility and sabotage the future.

We help you get it right by ensuring the right people, with the right talents, are in the right place at the right time to accomplish current and future goals and drive a myriad financial, HR, and operational successes.  By doing this you will be better able to retain high performers, fill gaps in development, respond to significant retirements, and engage different generational groups.


Client Deliverables

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the four (4) components of succession planning as well as the associated elements of each component
  • Complete the process of instituting succession planning at your organization with detailed timelines
  • Recognize the limits to succession planning and when it should not be applied; avoid pitfalls
  • Develop a knowledge management and transfer culture that will ensure organizational stability
  • Align the human resource planning process with organizational strategy
  • Develop and communicate core competencies for key positions and perform a gap analysis
  • Explain best practices and processes in executive onboarding and management coaching
  • Gather the importance of generational differences and shifting paradigms
  • Systematically identify, assess, and develop talent by designing and implementing programs
  • Design intangible and tangible rewards for talented, high-performers and learn how to retain them