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Strategy: What Every Senior Leader Needs to Know

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Strategy: What Every Senior Leader Needs to Know to Define and Advance Success!

This time should be different. Don’t fail because you jumped into strategic planning without first understanding strategic thinking.  Set yourself and your organization up for success with us.

We do it differently so you can do it better.

Our strategy solutions are uniquely designed to help executives and leaders understand the importance of and benefits to thinking, planning and managing strategically.  Services within this category are designed to support developing proactive methods and tools for aligning all organizational functions, processes, people, decisions, and activities to achieve defined outcomes and organizational goals.

It is not enough to have a strategy.  You also have to execute and measure it!  You will benefit from our solid expertise and experience in planning, developing, executing, and measuring strategy across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

We facilitate a dialogue regarding organizational needs, opportunities, and challenges and transfer deep knowledge and research to establish a framework and process regarding all aspects of strategy, from stakeholder buy in, to goal establishment, to outcome measurement.  We work with organizations, departments, and people at an extraordinary depth and ensure that a strong strategy is not only developed but that it gets implemented and continues long after our consultants have gone.

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Executives and senior leaders are charged with developing a strategy that guides the budget, operations, programs, and human capital for their area of responsibility.  Leaders are particularly pressured to contribute significantly to achieving the overall organizational strategy and directing operations toward this goal.  It’s important that you are perceived as adding value, defining the right outcomes, and accomplishing defined goals.

  • Truly comprehend the full strategy process (thinking, planning, executing and measuring) and review various analysis models
  • Understand the four (4) phases and five (5) essential components of strategic planning
  • Learn the 25 most critical strategic questions and how to determine answers
  • Recognize the challenges and factors to consider for implementation and how to address them
  • Learn how to identity your key goals and outcomes and mitigate against competing priorities
  • Comprehend how to “Turn Strategic Intentions into Reality”
  • Complete thorough risk and vulnerability assessments and prepare for known threats and weaknesses
  • Review the value-added contributions that today’s leaders must make to demonstrate their value
  • Discuss importance of strategic human relationship management and how to design a HR and talent strategy that surely aligns with the overall organizational strategy
  • Understand the fundamentals of performance metrics and outcome measurement
  • Increase business performance and shareholder or stakeholder value by aligning activities with strategy
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Education, Government, Corporate, and Nonprofit Organizational Leaders.

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Strategic Leadership
Strategic Planning and Management
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Performance Management & Measurement
Change Management
Human Resource Management
High-Performance Culture
Succession Planning & Talent
Ethical Leadership & Decision Making
Labor & Management
Developing Mentorship Programs
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Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
Financial Management
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Organizational Structure Design
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