Performance Management and Performance Measurement Systems

Our performance measurement solutions are aimed at helping executives and leaders develop and implement system-wide performance measurement and management programs; understand the full scope of the performance measurement process; determine if performance aligns with accomplishing strategic outcomes and objectives; and provide executives and leaders with the tools and strategies to achieve effective and meaningful results and communicate those results (value and capacity) to constituents, stakeholders and employees.

What gets measured, gets done!  What metrics are you using to define your strategic and operational outcomes, and how do you align and evaluate them against employee performance?

We are clear about metrics and work directly with you to first define the right outcomes and then establish appropriate metrics by which to evaluate performance and goal achievement.  This is the best connection you can make to link individual and team performance to organizational goal achievement.  We can help you build a comprehensive performance measurement and management system from scratch or modify your existing management system to better quantify goal achievement and distinguish high and low performers.

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Client Deliverables

  • Discuss the differences between performance management and performance measurement and the purpose and benefits to each
  • Performance metrics made simple and defined right.  There are six (6) classifications of measurement, and we will work with you to identify which metrics are applicable to your strategy and employee performance.
  • Review the history of performance measurement and implications for leaders
  • Ensure you fully understand the four (4) components to a comprehensive performance management system and how to implement them
  • Review the performance measurement process, focusing on defining the right outcomes which align with organizational strategies and operational plans
  • Interpret distinctions between outcomes and outputs
  • What gets measured, gets done!  Understand the steps involved in defining outcomes and recognize the challenges associated with defining the right outcomes
  • Realize your value proposition and determine your strategic contribution
  • Translate data to demonstrate value and communicate results which help to justify budget proposals, support program development, and demonstrate taxpayer benefit
  • Analyze the complete performance measurement process in relation with your specific goals
  • Actually develop and implement a complete performance management system with associated accountabilities
Schedule A Conversation To Discuss Your Needs.