A Strategic Approach to Organization Development & Organizational Effectiveness

The information and material in this workshop is for mid and senior leaders and innovators – those managers, directors and executives who want to gain insights and methods they can apply immediately for organizational effectiveness.

This workshop is designed as a competency and application bridge from OD theory to OD practice with a goal of positioning internal and external OD practitioners to succeed in their consulting practices.  OD professionals are increasingly pressured to demonstrate value.  With outcomes trumping activities, these practitioners need to make distinctions on what they deliver, as opposed to what they do, to achieve organizational excellence and help accomplish strategic goals.  This workshop provides the solid approaches, methods, research and data that you need to learn to make those distinctions.

The OD processes we target are facilitative, rather than prescriptive, and ensure (internal and external) client engagement and pragmatic learning by all participants.

Participants will discover the best methodologies, strategies, and proven approaches that successful OD consultants and management practitioners apply and learn how to conduct meaningful and substantive analyses that will move clients to where they want and need to be.

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Client Deliverables

We ensure that attendees will gain the following:

  • A clear definition of Organization Development (OD) and an understanding of how to communicate the definition and value of OD to partners and executive team members
  • An overview of change management and organization transformation with a focus on the many dynamics of change and how to approach it best proactively and reactively
  • The latest thinking on OD and how to integrate it into successful management consulting practices
  • Solid learning on what’s really involved in practicing OD in the business world and at the strategic level – cradle to grave view of how to apply OD concepts in a meaningful and successful way
  • A review of the OD models and methods that support research, analysis and diagnosis of business challenges and help practitioners determine proper interventions and make recommendations
  • A focus on building consistent practices, standards, and competencies for your practice
  • Reference points to some of the best OD thought leaders in the field (past and present)
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