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Management Consulting Services

Get Results Using Our Strategic and Symptom-Based Consulting Methodology. Our goal is to transfer knowledge and skills and ensure that you can sustain our efforts long after we have gone!

We Turn Your Strategic Intentions Into Reality!

We have the industry experience, breadth of professional practice, and specialized expertise that you are looking for to maximize performance, expand your leadership landscape, and turn your strategic intentions into reality.

  • You will benefit greatly from the proprietary 8-step management consulting methodology that we apply.  We use proven process consulting and intervention methods as well as creative interviewing, facilitation and leadership skills to challenge underlying patterns of behavior, affect positive change, and ensure leaders are equipped to form unified teams, maximize employee performance, create high-performing organizations, and define and achieve organizational goals.
  • Our management consultants and organization development practitioners serve as corporate advisors, partners, and specialists in identifying and responding to strategic and symptom-based performance and change management diagnoses and interventions on a broad array of issues.

  • Our philosophy is that organizational excellence is derived from developing, managing and negotiating critical human relationships as well as understanding and amending existing patterns, behaviors and systems to maximize human potential and organizational performance. The organization benefits when its members are challenged and valued by its leadership and invested in accomplishing its strategic outcomes.

Client Projects and Solutions

Each of our clients is as unique as the solutions we realize with them.
Some comprehensive solutions we’ve delivered include:

  • Designing, developing, and executing organizational and departmental strategy
  • Instituting operational plans that align with organizational and departmental goals
  • Advancing the leadership landscape by partnering with C-suite and HR leaders to maximize capital
  • Realigning and restructuring divisions, departments, and units
  • Enhancing customer service delivery
  • Creating and applying performance management and measurement systems and tools
  • Building a high-performance culture that values performance accountabilities and conflict resolution
  • Implementing continuous improvement programs and improving quality
  • Developing and implementing internal accounting, financial, and operational audits
  • Transforming people and systems with organizational renewal and reshaping efforts
  • Engaging team members in interactive problem-solving activities to improve communications
  • Working with labor and management leaders to bring about improved relationships and build trust
  • Designing and implementing succession planning & management and talent development programs
  • Establishing and administering mentorship programs and providing facilitation on program implementation
  • Planning, administering, and directing regional mediation and conflict resolution programs
  • Facilitating executive coaching and executive onboarding programs
  • Designing, developing, and teaching high-level, comprehensive curricula including an executive leadership series
  • Determining learning needs and build organizational support, structure and capacity to deliver value
  • Conducting gap analyses and evaluation studies to determine immediate & long-term impact of training
  • Providing extensive expertise and development for complex and comprehensive education and training programs targeted to executives and leaders at the mid and senior levels

Management Consulting Philosophy

  • We apply a strategic and symptom-based methodology that ensures you can sustain our efforts long after we have gone. Our consultancy is based on a facilitative, rather than a prescriptive, approach, and it promotes pragmatic learning by our clients.
  • We are deliberate about involving our clients in the process, and we assist them with crafting solutions and results to address their current and future challenges and realize broad strategic outcomes. We help in the decision-making process; we don’t make the decisions.
  • At the heart of our consulting services is our ability to anticipate, plan and respond to change by using a methodical and systematic approach. Continuous improvement and change management are pivotal to organizational success. This is true for the organization and its members, and it is why success is contingent upon the learning and growth that occurs for the organization as a whole and each of its members respectfully.
  • We advocate against haphazard and random change or change just for the sake of it. Instead, we embrace working with leaders and executives to perform a thorough analysis of the issues and, if so deemed, formulating strategic and global change efforts that will positively impact the organization and its members.
  • Whether you need us for a short-term project or on a long-term basis, we deliver, and our consultants will help you discover innovative solutions to address current and future challenges.
  • We perform cradle to grave consulting services – from initial meeting and analysis to action plan development, through implementation, measurement and follow up. We use a proprietary 8-step consulting and OD methodology that is rooted in belief that people try to live up to the expectations that are set for them. To this end, ARVis expects our clients to take an active role in the transformation process and remain accountable for defining and achieving outcomes. The entire framework is designed to ensure this happens. Also, ARVis has built a solid reputation of truly listening to our clients and designing customized solutions specific to the need.
  • You will not find prepackaged consulting packets here, and we don’t do “off-the-shelf.” What we recommend to you is based on your specific challenges, issues, and business model. We work with our clients to complete a thorough evaluation and diagnosis that includes solid research, interviews, and data collection and analysis. We are diligent about understanding the culture and business model, and after interpreting all the data, we base our recommendations on those solid findings. We are innovators, and each client gets a truly personal experience with recommendations, findings, and reporting designed to address the specific need.
  • It is our goal to ensure that the client is able to sustain efforts long after we have gone so our consultants are required to conduct an intervention audit to ensure optimization and sustainability of the process and provide a follow-up plan with action points for each client before closing the relationship. Depending on the project, we offer hands-on follow-up for up to six months after project implementation, and these costs are included in the consulting.
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