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Learning & Development

ARVis is where you come for top notch executive, leadership, and management development training programs.

workshop training groupWe are available for in-house or off-site training sessions and will customize our high-quality curriculum to achieve the outcomes you seek. We have curricula and instructional design experts prepared to develop customized materials to meet your specific needs.

  • We provide engaging and interactive learning & development solutions to expand the leadership landscape and develop STAWKers™ to accomplish organizational outcomes.  Our philosophy is that adults bring a wealth of learning and life experiences to the workplace and appreciate being recognized as equals having significant knowledge to share.  Adult learners are more likely to retain knowledge and apply learning when they are expected to participate in the learning process and expected to contribute to building a high-performing workplace.
  • You will achieve the tools, knowledge, and expertise to build a high-performing organization and develop high-performing employees.  ARVis calls such high performers STAWKers™.   These are individuals who are committed to the organization’s mission and vision and invested in accomplishing organizational goals and outcomes.  They possess the skills, talents, abilities, willingness and knowledge to ensure strategic alignment and achieve organizational outcomes.

  • High-performing organizations consistently produce outstanding results while maintaining satisfied, challenged and developed employees who are committed and dedicated to organizational success. These organizations focus on the following elements:

    • Systematically linking strategy, succession and performance measurement
    • Reliable and reproducible results related to achieving outcomes
    • Sustaining empowered, skilled and developed employees
    • Ensuring employee commitment and dedication for organizational success

    The learning modules are offered in the following time spans:

    ♦ Half-day sessions (four hours or less)

    ♦ Full-day workshops (six to eight hours)

    ♦ Two-day seminars (consecutive or spread out)

    ♦ One-week series (consecutive days or spread out over time)

    ♦ Retreats, Conferences, Special Events, Keynotes, Professional Speakers (time span based on client event and needs)

    When you want a dynamic and substantive event, ARVis will deliver. Our speakers and facilitators add remarkable value and have significant experiences working with various entities across the country. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will match you with the ideal speaker.

You get to have it your way! We can work with you to use our ready-made, comprehensive curricula and tailor it to fit your needs, or we can work with you to design curriculum from scratch.

team consulting project meetingWhat Do You Need?

We embrace participative and deliberative curricula and instructional design approaches proven to optimize learning and improve performance.  Our position is that curricula and instructional design methods serve our clients best when the learners’ cognitive development levels and various learning styles are fully considered.  Additionally, our design experts are inclined to include the learners and organizational leaders in the curricula and instructional development process whenever possible.

While we secure some of the foremost subject matter experts who possess real-life, hands-on experience, we design our curricula to move beyond lecture format.  Our sessions are developed with engaging, participative learning activities that serve to increase retention for our learners.  The courses of study offered through ARVis are specifically designed to elicit learner participation and interaction.  We operate within a process-oriented educational paradigm, and our curricula and instructional methods are developed to stimulate involvement and enhance learning while providing meaningful and lasting experiences.  Our curriculum design experts are ready to work with you to develop and/or customize curriculum.  We provide the complete spectrum of curricula and instructional design services to include:

  1.     assessing the current training and learner needs
  2.     identifying the training outcomes and associated learning objectives
  3.     reviewing various instructional theories and developing the content
  4.     determining performance standards and evaluation metrics
  5.     conducting pilot delivery (when necessary)
  6.     delivering a completed curriculum package and
  7.     measuring performance success and the intrinsic value of the learning experiences and instruction.

Learning Methodology

We focus on (1) learning retention, (2) application (3) behavior changes and (4) measurement.  It is our expectation that positive behavioral changes will result following our learning engagements and seminars.  We ensure a continuity of knowledge and work with individuals and organizations to close competency and leadership gaps and strengthen organizational capacity.

We are deliberate about ensuring that a successful transfer of knowledge occurs by applying highly interactive and experiential exercises during our sessions.  We promote conducting a competency gap analysis and setting quantitative and qualitative performance standards and then measuring actual performance against these standards to determine success.  Depending on the learning session, we are certified in administering several leading assessments and often times conduct pre and post assessments as well.

We offer a competent and experienced pool of keynote speakers, presenters, facilitators and learning professionals who will help you accomplish your goals, develop your people, and make your event a thorough success!  Our experts and learning professionals are prepared to address all of your professional development needs and deliver the full range of services – from needs assessments to curriculum design through facilitating learning and performing return on investment and evaluation studies.

I’m ready to elevate myself, my team and my organization!

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We are ready to design curricula for you and/or apply our own curricula to facilitate any event for you on the following topics:

  •    Strategic Planning & Management
  •    Strategic Leadership Series
  •    Ethical Leadership
  •    Financial Management for Leaders  & Managers
  •    Change Management:  Anticipating and Responding to Change
  •    Organizational Performance Measurement
  •    3-C Performance Strategy (High-Performance Culture)
  •    Auditing Internal Controls (Financial, Program, Services)
  •    Organizational Structure Design
  •    Human Capital Management
  •    Succession Planning and Talent Development
  •    Human Resource Management
  •    Labor & Management Relations
  •    Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  •    Critical Thinking & Decision Making
  •    Communicating with Diplomacy
  •    Emotional Intelligence
  •    Generational Differences
  •    Team Development & Engagement
  •    Establishing Customer Services Standards
  •    Mentorship Program Design

Solutions for

Education, Government, Corporate, and Nonprofit Organizational Leaders.

MasterClass Workshops

Strategic Leadership
Strategic Planning and Management
Organization Development
Performance Management & Measurement
Change Management
Human Resource Management
High-Performance Culture
Succession Planning & Talent
Ethical Leadership & Decision Making
Labor & Management
Developing Mentorship Programs
Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
Communication Strategies
Financial Management
Human Capital Management
Emotional Intelligence
Corporate Governance & Policy
High-Performing Teams
Organizational Structure Design
Customer Service (Delivering Value)

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Whether you seek comprehensive consulting solutions, learning and development options, or coaching or advisory services, you can be assured that ARVis will deliver for you.  With us, you will receive unparalleled personal attention and distinctive service.