Labor and Management Relations

When labor and management teams demonstrate respect and listen to each other, cooperation performance, efficiency, and quality are improved and a world-class, high-performance culture is possible.

Our labor/management solutions do not help organizations institute or break down unions.  Our aim is to help build a culture and develop processes that advance communications and trust after one is already in existence.  We work with both the labor and management teams to assess the climate, culture, and relationships and then identify the priorities, needs, and issues of the labor and management groups.

Do you fight for or against the union, and how is that working for you?  After one is in existence, it benefits the people and organization when union and management teams can effectively communicate and trust one another.

We are ready to perform an analysis and thorough assessment and then make recommendations and conduct specific training in response to our findings.  This has proven to be some of the most rewarding and beneficial work you can do when you are serious about improving and/or enhancing labor and management relations.


Client Deliverables

  • Gather detailed information and data as a result of a proven 10-question assessment that exposes gaps and highlights the resources and barriers to organizational effectiveness.
  • Be provided core themes and desired outcomes of both labor and management groups
  • Understand appropriate protocol for labor/management meetings and best communication strategies
  • Gain insight on best practices and guidelines for contract negotiations and policy application
  • Determine learning needs and conduct training sessions with labor and management teams
  • Receive professional consultation and direction on advancing the culture and building trust via separate and joint labor and management sessions