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Curricula and Instructional Design Services

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Curricula and Instructional Design Services

We focus on learning retention, application and measurement.  We ensure continuity of knowledge and work with individuals and organizations to maximize potential, change behaviors, close competency and leadership gaps, and strengthen organizational capacity.

Our learning professionals are not only experts in their respective fields, they also know how to transfer this knowledge and expertise with others in a manner that increases learning retention.  We secure the most advanced professionals and educators who are highly skilled in applying adult learning techniques.  Our associates possess significant education and practical, real-life experiences in their content areas.  We work with organizations who have recognized the need for change to:

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Client Deliverables

  • Determine their learning and development needs
  • Establish specific learning outcomes and associated behaviors
  • Design and/or customize related curricula and instructional methods and tools
  • Administer interactive learning engagements (times spans customized for our clients’ needs)
  • Assess return on learning and behavioral changes/improvements
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Solutions for

Education, Government, Corporate, and Nonprofit Organizational Leaders.

MasterClass Workshops

Strategic Leadership
Strategic Planning and Management
Organization Development
Performance Management & Measurement
Change Management
Human Resource Management
High-Performance Culture
Succession Planning & Talent
Ethical Leadership & Decision Making
Labor & Management
Developing Mentorship Programs
Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
Communication Strategies
Financial Management
Human Capital Management
Emotional Intelligence
Corporate Governance & Policy
High-Performing Teams
Organizational Structure Design
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