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Developing a High-Performance Culture, 3-C Strategy

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Developing a High-Performance Culture, 3-C Strategy: Culture, Competence, Capacity

Our 3-C solutions are specifically aimed at ensuring that executives, managers, and leaders focus on and increase performance by simultaneously analyzing, reconciling and integrating culture, competence, and capacity. This is a leader’s proactive effort to achieve organizational excellence by reviewing the interconnections and interdependence of systems and then determining renewal and reshaping opportunities that align with continuous quality improvement and goal achievement.

This is an organizational renewal and reshaping initiative that leads to a positive transformation in your people, systems, processes and culture and drives an intentional focus on performance, accountability and service.

Key stakeholders are involved with determining the (1) drivers for change (2) value proposition and value creation (3) success outcome matrices. Based on the results of these assessments and analytical diagnoses, decisions are made to develop and maximize human capital and ensure that operational capacity exists across boundaries and departments to accomplish goals. Our clients have found this work to be some of the most in-depth and meaningful when one is truly serious about transformation and building an effective organization.

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Client Deliverables

  • Determine what you need and what you value – complete a full-scale needs assessment to understand the change drivers and collaborative value for internal and external stakeholders
  • Understand the elements of high-performing, learning organizations
  • Ensure commitment and dedication for organizational success from employees
  • Perform a cultural assessment to determine barriers and obstacles to success and available resources and renewal opportunities
  • Analyze people, systems, and processes and remove conflicts with the organizational strategy
  • Move beyond establishing outcomes and objectives to ensuring that operational capacity exists for success
  • Establish and communicate organization development methodologies, processes and procedures so as to determine priorities and establish the true value proposition for service delivery
  • Review any business, strategic, and operational plans, perform a gap analysis, and recommend appropriate organizational shaping and renewal actions
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Education, Government, Corporate, and Nonprofit Organizational Leaders.

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High-Performance Culture
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Ethical Leadership & Decision Making
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Developing Mentorship Programs
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Organizational Structure Design
Human Capital Management
Emotional Intelligence
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