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Executive Coaching Services

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No one positions you for success like we do. No One. You benefit from executive coaching and executive advisory services that are aimed at maximizing leadership potential and helping you more fully contribute to organizational and professional success.

  • We provide the confidential guidance, counsel, support and candid feedback that successful leaders rely on to maximize potential, elevate skills and achieve personal, professional and organizational goals. Everyone can benefit from having a “safe space,” free of judgment to learn, grow, focus and recharge their batteries – now take the step and get yours.
  • We have successfully provided short and long-term management and executive coaching services to leaders at all levels, from front-line supervisors to middle management, to C-suite executives in all industries. Whether it be the HR director, administrative head, executive dean, senior faculty member, public school principal, district superintendent, small business owner or corporate or government leader and vice president, they have all called on us, and we have delivered. We are fully committed to ensuring today’s leaders and executives are equipped with the information and tools to elevate themselves, the people they lead, and their organizations. By taking advantage of our executive coaching services, you will be accountable for your continued growth and development while positioning yourself and your organization for success!

  • Today, more than ever, top performing executives are adding coaching to their professional development tool box, and 86% of companies provide coaching for their top performers and leaders. Are you ready?

Partnering with a coach is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength.

Most of our clients are recognized top performers and high achievers who seek to press forward for continued growth, unleash creativity and innovative thinking, and sharpen competencies and skills for goal achievement.

  • Executive coaching is an experiential and individualized leadership process that supports and advances the executive’s capacity to achieve short and long-term professional and organizational goals.
  • It is conducted through one-on-one interactions and engagements and based on mutual trust and respect.
  • This is a partnership driven by a mutual goal of maximizing performance (professional and organizational) and realizing results for the executive by providing a forum for real-time feedback and guidance.
  • The coach and executive agree to adhere to a win-win approach by committing to open and honest communication and respect for one another’s ideas, perspectives, time, and commitments.
  • The parties agree to seek and develop new, innovative ways to address current and future issues and to respond appropriately to leadership, organizational, and procedural issues as they arise.
  • With the exception of illegal information, both parties agree not to divulge, share, or discuss information obtained as a result of the coaching relationship without explicit consent from the coach or executive.
  • In cases where the organization is sponsoring the coaching, an agreement is made regarding appropriate reporting and communications about progress and accomplishments.

Executive Coaching Methodology

We engage in a deliberative process to define the purpose, competencies, and behaviors that need to be modified and maximized.

Our trademarked model, DREAR, guides our method of systematically linking executive and organizational success. It integrates five components – (1) Development (2) Resources (3) Education (4) Accountability and (5) Results – to help our clients maximize leadership contributions and build capabilities to more fully contribute to organizational success.

As you can see in the diagram, each component has its unique elements, and these elements are structured within a framework and action plan to guide the agenda for the entire coaching engagement.

As we implement the action plan, adjustments are made accordingly and ongoing analysis and measurement occur. Before the relationship is closed, a final review is made regarding accountabilities and accomplishments, and follow-up arrangements are discussed and agreed upon.

We have partnered with exceptional thought leaders who serve as executive coaches and corporate advisors for our clients. We match our clients with the appropriate coach for his/her needs and each coach has been qualified to administer DREAR.

I’m ready to elevate myself, my team and my organization!

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First, the executive is matched with the best coach for his/her needs and style and then a dialogue regarding roles, expectations and desired outcomes begins. Next, depending on desired coaching outcomes, we may request the executive to complete assessments and then evaluate these results together.

ARVis then applies its proprietary DREAR Superior Coaching Model that is designed to integrate a system approach and simultaneously consider and address both the organization and the executive’s needs. Together, we develop a customized strategy and action plan identifying the information and data to be gathered, specific behavioral changes to be made, and the measurable goals to be achieved.

If assessments are deemed appropriate and based on goals and outcomes, one or more of the following assessments may be applied:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – preferences on how we perceive the world and make decisions
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B) – interpersonal needs and how they influence communication & behavior
  • Conflict Inventory – conflict management style and preferences and how/when to apply styles
  • Emotional Intelligence – ability to identify, assess, and manage emotions for self and teams
  • Transformational Leadership – measure of leadership competency strengths and weaknesses
  • 360 Executive Assessment and Feedback – determine leadership impact from all levels

Our executive coaching partnerships span various time frames, typically from six months to one year in length. We schedule meeting times in the format, duration and frequency that best suit the executive. Meetings and various communications are held and delivered in person, via telephone, via email, via video conference, or via any agreed upon method that best suits the executive’s needs and will support goal accomplishment.  There are instances where all the coaching is completed at a distance.

In addition to holding to the highest levels of confidentiality, both parties agree to hold to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism during and after the formal coaching relationship. It is agreed that under no circumstances will information obtained as a result of the coaching relationship be used for personal, financial or professional gain or cause. Our coaches remain objective and intensely focused on the process to ensure goal establishment and achievement for the executive and his/her organization.

The fees for our executive coaching services vary depending on time commitment and reporting levels (it depends on whether the catalyst was the organization or the individual executive and how detailed and often the reporting requirements). There are discounts available for more long-term relationships, and, where necessary, executives receive reports detailing the specific benefits, feedback, goals and ongoing expected outcomes for the executive.

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