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Project Description

Ethical Leadership & Decision Making

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Ethical Leadership and Decision Making

Our ethics and decision-making solutions serve to advance an ethical cultural by providing leaders and team members with knowledge for how to close the gap between actions and ethics and build distinguishable standards and associated behaviors.  Further, we consider and address the components required for effective decision making and help develop critical thinking and questioning skills that support solid decisions and ethics.

Organization Development (strategy, service, systems, people, profit) is directly impacted by employee and leader behavior and decision-making.  As leaders it is incumbent upon us to make ourselves aware of the interrelationships between organizational standards, values, and beliefs and our personal ones.  We can close any gap between organizational and personal ethical standards by understanding and responding to the “Ethical Test” and being guided by a specific set of questions when making decisions.

What standards do you have in place for determining ethical leadership success, and how do you communicate these standards with your internal and external stakeholders?

We have the expertise and experience to help you bridge the gap between ethical theory, policy and practice and advance an ethical culture.  We take a practioner-oriented approach and ensure that our clients experience and focus on the following.

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Client Deliverables

  • Enhanced appreciation for ethics and the three Cs of Ethics:  Circumstances, Challenges, and Conflict
  • Increased understanding of the ethical delemma gap and how it is created
  • Application methods for building ethical leaders and filling ethical gaps
  • Deeper knowledge for how to contribute to and advance an ethical culture
  • How to build distinguishable ethical standards and the corresponding behaviors that must be observed
  • Criteria for ethical behaviors and decision making with corresponding guidelines for application
  • The test for ethics and decision making that every leader can apply to ensure he/she is closing any gaps
  • The personal accountability and credibility expectations of ethical leaders and how to demonstrate success
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