Level Up Your Communication Techniques—for Executives, Managers and Teams

Capitalize on your communication style and practice effective techniques to advance and influence support for individual and organizational goals and outcomes.

Our communication solutions are geared at helping executives, managers and teams capitalize on their own communication styles and practice effective nonverbal and verbal techniques to advance and influence support for organizational goals and outcomes and improve individual and team performance.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.  – George Bernard Shaw

How we see things defines how we deal with them.  This makes it even more important that we uncover and understand our own biases, expectations, and agendas as well as our preferred communication methods and styles before we focus on using our positions to improve weakened performance and communication techniques in others.  We position you to better use your style to deliver an effective message and get your team and colleagues to support and advance projects and build relationships.


Client Deliverables

  • Develop a common understanding of and definition for communication and effective dialogue
  • Create a culture of trust and value by facilitating information exchanges, creativity and innovation
  • Learn the five (5) step discussion process and how to use it to hold yourself and others accountable
  • Understand the principles of feedback and give and receive open, honest feedback with clarity
  • Demonstrate effective active listening skills that promote open dialogue and build trust
  • Discover the impact of nonverbal signals and body language and how to interpret meaning
  • Capitalize on your own speaking style to advance and influence support for organizational goals
  • Communicate project progress and results appropriately with sponsor and other stakeholders
  • Identify your challenges:  what gets in your way when it comes to applying your best communication skills?  We explore the challenges and opportunities for growth.