Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

 Collaboration is not always the best option and it does not always work. We work with you and your team to determine individual conflict style preferences and explain when your preferred style is suitable and when it is not. There are resolution options that actually work even when win-win does not.

Our conflict and negotiation solutions are focused to help leaders and employees with creative and practical skills to address and resolve conflicts appropriately and timely. Additionally, we focus on an effective six-step negotiation process that is designed to advance internal and external communications and encourage sound decision making.

Unresolved conflict leads to a significant loss of organizational productivity and resources and costs organizations $359 billion in paid hours a year.  Pretending that it does not exist is not an option; this bill gets paid one way or another.

We also understand that some people really are just difficult, and we arm you with the conflict management tools and strategies to effectively deal with and focus these difficult conversations and improve performance.  You will gain real-time applicable methods for coping with difficult people and becoming a great negotiator.


Client Deliverables

  • Learn the definition of conflict and the positive and negative consequences of workplace conflict
  • Recognize the causes of conflict, what escalates it, and how to de-escalate tensions that have formed from unresolved and/or unaddressed conflict
  • Learn effective methods for coping with difficult behaviors
  • Understand how to use a needs analysis to resolve and manage conflict
  • Practice using the 5-step problem-solving process to remedy conflict
  • Understand the five (5) different conflict management styles and determine which you prefer and when it may be necessary to adopt other styles
  • Assert yourself respectfully and defend your principled viewpoints when necessary while maintaining relationships
  • Adjust your negotiation style to the situation and effectively identify the needs of others so as to make more informed decisions that benefit your stakeholders
  • Gain the confidence to position yourself, your organization and your message persuasively and negotiate more win-win solutions