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Recent Project Successes!

1.Designing, developing, and executing organizational and departmental strategy.2.Implementing continuous improvement programs and improving quality of business process design.3.Establishing and administering mentorship programs and providing facilitation on program implementation.
4.Instituting operational plans that align with organizational and departmental goals.5.Developing and implementing internal accounting, financial, and operational audits.6.Planning, administering, and directing regional mediation and conflict resolution programs.
7.Advancing the leadership landscape by partnering with C-suite and HR leaders to maximize capital.8.Transforming people and systems with organizational renewal and reshaping efforts.9.Facilitating executive coaching and executive onboarding programs.
10.Evaluating organization design structures and realigning and restructuring divisions, departments, and units. 11.Engaging team members in interactive problem-solving activities to improve communications.12.Designing, developing, and teaching high-level, comprehensive curricula including an executive leadership series.
13.Enhancing customer service delivery and establishing for superior customer service standards.14.Enhancing critical thinking and decision making skills of employees at all levels.15.Determining training needs and build organizational support, structure and capacity to deliver value.
16.Creating and applying performance management and measurement systems and tools.17.Working with labor and management leaders to bring about improved relationships and build trust.18.Conducting gap analyses and evaluation studies to determine immediate and long-term impact of and application of learning.
19.Building a high-performance culture that values performance accountabilities and conflict resolution.20.Designing and implementing succession planning and management and talent development programs.21.Providing extensive expertise and development for complex and comprehensive learning programs targeted to executives and leaders at the mid and senior levels.