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Organizational Strategy and Performance Management System

We worked with university leadership teams to define strategic priorities, assist with strategic planning and then determine performance alignment metrics and indicators. Created, implemented and trained staff regarding a comprehensive performance management system accordingly so as to improve communications and establish clear performance and behavioral expectations to ensure strategic priorities and goals would be achieved.

Our strategy solutions are uniquely designed to help executives and leaders understand the importance of and benefits to thinking, planning and managing strategically.  Services within this category are designed to support developing proactive methods and tools for aligning all organizational functions, processes, people, decisions, and activities to achieve defined outcomes and organizational goals.

We facilitate a dialogue regarding organizational needs, opportunities, and challenges and transfer deep knowledge and research to establish a framework and process regarding all aspects of strategy, from stakeholder buy in, to goal establishment, to outcome measurement.  We work with organizations, departments, and people at an extraordinary depth and ensure that a strong strategy is not only developed but that it gets implemented and continues long after our consultants have gone.

Project Details

Solutions for

Government, Education, Corporate, and Nonprofit Organizations.

Lead Consultant

Terina Allen or another highly seasoned consultant from the team.

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